Traditional-3 Wooden Wall Hanging


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Wooden wall hangings are one of the innovative range of Art Of East. It is hand painted and specially suited for gifting at various auspicious occasions like House warming, Diwali, Navratri, Return gifts for various occasions etc…. It is hand painted and hence it shows the warmth of the present. It can be used to adore doors, Office interiors or entrances, Various spots on Wall or as a center piece. All hangings are either different in shape or painting is unique . Colours used in these hangings are vibrant and attractive hence it matches any type of interior. It is at very affordable price hence it makes your gift a budgeted one but with an elegant look.It is weather proof and light in weight for easy carriage.
Size- 8 inches length
Thickness- 0.8mm
Material- wood
Colour- orange


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